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2-20 Property Casualty Course

This course is state approved and is offered at best price for a comprehensive class with support from an experienced teach and is six hundred dollars less than traditional classroom courses.


Don’t spend 4 months in a classroom on the weekends, when you can complete this at a much quicker pace online.  You may do the 200 hour course in weeks not months.  Starting earning your 2-20 license today.

All 200 hours can be taken online. No prior knowledge or experience is neccesary for this course. You can work at your own pace, any time of the day, for as long or as little as needed. An online course allows you to work without the loss of production income or time.

Refer friends or co-workers and get $30 each.  Manage an office?  Send students and get $30 each.  

Every chapter ends with a quiz in which you will need to score a 70% on to continue to the next chapter. But you may retake the quizzes as many times as needed. After completing all the chapters, you will take the online class final. After getting a 70% on the final your Certificate of Completion will be electronically submitted to the State and emailed to you.


The Certificate of Completion qualifies you to sit for the 2-20 Insurance License State Exam. Topics covered in the course will include Property Insurance, Auto, Worker’s Compensation, Health, Marine and Aviation.

You will be assigned an instructor who can answer any of the questions you may have. 
We can get you the license you need to succeed.

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